Incense Bottle – Bohemian Groove – Bitcoin


  • recycled sustainable product
  • scarce only 100 pieces in whole world
  • incense burning bottle
  • signed, numbered and dated by artist
  • sandblasted, painted


This incense bottle was recycled from a local winery bottle, each piece is masked, weeded, sandblasted and painted by hand, it is truly one of a kind.

This piece is  #1 in the series of production of this design. The design will be retired once we reach 100, to ensure its scarcity. Each piece will be made as ordered and each piece will be numbered on the bottom with the artist signature and date.

The incense is hung upside down in the neck of the bottle by a key ring, all the ashes are caught inside the bottle for a clean burning experience. There is a hole drilled in the back of the bottle to allow air to flow in and the incense smoke up and out the top of the bottle.

As a big proponent of sovereign hard money we only accept Bitcoin for these purchases and all other purchases on this website, if you want to pay cash or card you need to visit the brick and mortar.

Artist: DP


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