Wildberry Incense 10pc sticks


Get premium quality hand dipped incense fresh from the Wild Berry. We put our passion for fragrance into our incense sticks, incense cones, fragrance oils, wax melts, and accessories.



10 pc wildberry incense sticks your choice.


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aphrodisia, arabian night, baking brownies, blend 22, carmen mirandas hat, champa flower, cherry vanilla, clove, coconut, dragon's blood, egyptian musk, fairy dust, fantasia, fizzy pop, frankincense, green apple, indian rain, jasmine, lilac, love shack, mountain heather, myrrh, nirvana, patchouli, peace of mind, peach, pear vanilla, root beer, sandalwood, shangri-la, simmering cider, strawberry, summer day, sunshine, tranquility, vanilla, voodoo, wild honey, wizard, zen


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